Pyroraptor olympius


Pyroraptor olympius was name pod his colored feather is red and sister is brown when pod gonna let his sister stay when he needs help there a dead dinosaur with flies and i think he’s gonna have a abotite. When something is gonna spoild his lunch theres a meat-eater he calls his sisters for the meat-eaters they trying to scared the meat-eater away but it it didn’t work.The meat-eater whant a lunch When somthing rumbling The one meat-eater fell down It can’t  move and i think he whant to eat it the meat-eater go’s away But something rumbling its a standpeed.Pod and his sisters run and pod stop too see were there gone but not yet they ran into the beach.At night they’re staying at the beach but something rumbling there a giant and whent island theres pod and sister but sister died.At the morning theres something in the ocean there a sea monster it ate pod’s sister and now he’s alone he died with bird there mini raptor there trying scare theme of but there another one the meat-eater reptile like crocodile but mini raptor trying scare them away but pod isnt dead he’s alive.The meat-eater reptiles ran away but mini raptor ran away too he have never been in the island he travled in the island and fall asleep when he waked up theres a mini raptor again but they can’t what it is he look giant alien so they ran away again and now he’s going a take travel agein.He found water to take a drink but there mini raptors hunt they killed the dinosaur and eats it now pod going away agein.When saw somthing huge its the sauropods he walked away.Something making a noise there a dinosaur called iguanodon where fighting and one lose its been hurt on its neck with its sharp thumb but the iguanodon push the iguanodon but theres a meat-eater reptile it eats the iguanodon but pod whant’s it it scares the wat the meat-eater reptile and now gonna have lunch and now he’s asleep.There a meat-eater reptile is gonna have to eat but there something else is there is troodons they are carnivores when pod wakes up there a meat-eater reptiles and he scare them of again and  he eats it.When he finish he is going away.He went to the river thiers a titanosaurus and there a tarasaurus thats a meat-eaters they killed the titanosaurus and he’s going away he went to the river and he srceech there a acko but there all troodon again and now he going away again but the troodon follow him theres a pack of tarasaurus and pod jumped used its claw toe too attack and one died and they ran away and now he have one of the pretitore of pyroraptor.index


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