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September 1, 2010

Guanlong means crown dragon.Guanlongs lived about 160 million years ago in the late jurassic.Its unique feature was the crest on top of the head.Guanlong was closely related to dilongand may have feathers as this dinosaur did.



August 29, 2010

Nyctosaurus means night lizard.Nyctosaurs are not dinosaurs their pterosaurs.Their diet was meatg like fish to eat..Their remarkable crests made up of fine struts of bone like a deer antler.Nyctosaurs swoop down to the water to catch fishs.They use their long beak to catch fishs.They use their wings to fly.

Mei long

August 29, 2010

Mei long means sleeping dragon.Mei are small theropods.Their diet was meat like small mammals and herbivore dinosaurs.They use their claws too scratch the herbivore dinosaurs.


August 29, 2010

Incisivosaurus means incisor lizard.Incisivosaurs use their teeth to eat.Their diet was plants and meat like pine cones,ferns,small mammals.Their enormous buck teeth for gnawing tough plants like beavers.They lay their eggs at the nest when it gets cold the female incisivosaurus sat on her eggs too keep them warm.


May 21, 2010

Saurornitholestes means lizard bird thief.They have lots of feathers on their body.They are theropods and their raptors too.They have grasping hands with sharp claws and killing claw on its two toes.They had lots of teeth to eat meat.They run really fast so they chase some big hebivores dinosaurs and small mammals.They fight with their sickleclaw and to bite.Females dig holes to lay their eggs from the nest and they sat on them and  their bottom don’t crush them.