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Bambiraptors means baby raptor.Bambiraptors are diet is meat like herbivore dinosaurs.Their feathers can’t help them fly whel because their feathers are not big enough.Their legs help him run fast to catch some herbivore dinosaurs.



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Nyctosaurus means night lizard.Nyctosaurs are not dinosaurs their pterosaurs.Their diet was meatg like fish to eat..Their remarkable crests made up of fine struts of bone like a deer antler.Nyctosaurs swoop down to the water to catch fishs.They use their long beak to catch fishs.They use their wings to fly.

Mei long

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Mei long means sleeping dragon.Mei are small theropods.Their diet was meat like small mammals and herbivore dinosaurs.They use their claws too scratch the herbivore dinosaurs.


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Incisivosaurus means incisor lizard.Incisivosaurs use their teeth to eat.Their diet was plants and meat like pine cones,ferns,small mammals.Their enormous buck teeth for gnawing tough plants like beavers.They lay their eggs at the nest when it gets cold the female incisivosaurus sat on her eggs too keep them warm.


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Smilosuchus are the same group of crocodiles.They swim water with its tail.They use their jaws to grab their prey.They lived in late traissic of north america.They had smaller and more restricted crests.