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Sarcosuchus meaning flesh crocodile.Their the same species of crocodiles.They use their longĀ  jaws to catch their prey like herbivore dinosaurs and fish.They use their tail to swim under water.



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Purgatoruis are small mammals that lived in the cretaceous.Their diet are omivores eating both plants and meats.

Their small as a mouse.They use their teeth to eat their favorite food.Purgatoruis are afriad of predators like raptors.


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Dsungaripterus means wing from the jugger basin.Their diet was probably eats fish and mollusks crabs perhaps plankton insects scanvenged of dead animals on land.Their wings help them fly up to the sky.The body of dsungaripterus is very strong with the back vertebrae fused together in the shoulder.


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Guanlong means crown dragon.Guanlongs lived about 160 million years ago in the late jurassic.Its unique feature was the crest on top of the head.Guanlong was closely related to dilongand may have feathers as this dinosaur did.


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Epidendrosaurus means lizard on the tree.Their longer third finger and the curved toe bones that epidendrosaurus lived in trees.They use their long third fingers to winkling insects out of the holes in the tree trunks.